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My name is Ashley Fern and I am the founder and owner of the MN based online boutique Dear Heart LLC.

I have so much passion for crafting, artisans, entrepreneurship, and small businesses.  I'm a proud supporter of my small business owner friends and family and love sharing their passions and products with others. 

When I began my entrepreneurial journey, I struggled getting the word out of my small business' existence because all I wanted to do was craft and get my creations in the homes of others.  

This is the very thing that inspired me to create this site - so that I can help support and encourage my fellow entrepreneurs as much as possible; to help spread the word that their businesses are available to explore and shop with while they focus on their craft. 

This site incorporates multiple businesses from handmade accessories to graphic designs; cosmetic products to authors of published books. 

We hope you love what you see and consider supporting our small businesses.  We appreciate your support more than you know. 

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