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Ketsy Designs

Updated: Dec 15, 2021


• Artist Bio •

Kayelee Freeman

Brainerd, MN

Kayelee is a wife, mother, and teacher in the Brainerd Lakes Area of Minnesota. She discovered her love and passion for art in high school. After many years of putting art to the wayside to establish a career and family, she started her business Ketsy Designs, to fulfill her itch for art. She currently creates handmade bracelets and earrings made of metals, gemstones, leather and wood. She looks forward to exploring different medias of art and expanding her merchandise in the future.

How to support this artisan

To support Kayelee, her family and her small business, click here to join the Kayelee’s Handmade Gifts Facebook group and learn more about what Kayelee and her business has to offer.

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