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MELT Beauty by Leanna

Updated: Jul 25, 2022


• Small Business Owner Bio •

Leanna Zarra


“My “why” is clear and I’m here to HELP you! I LOVE helping others feel confident inside and out! Learn more about our amazing products, get the downlow on all the deals and win FREE products just by supporting me and my small business! When you support me, you’re supporting my dreams of staying home with my kiddos! Spending weekends traveling to new and exciting places! Seeing and experiencing things I’ve only ever seen on TV but dream of making a reality!
If joining me on the incredible journey isn’t for you, I promise you, someone you know is praying for this opportunity! You make your schedule, help others, meet new friends, win free vacations twice a year and, “Hello, extra income!” 🤍 Send them my way! I’d love to share this life changing opportunity with them!
Ageloc and Anti Aging, Nutrition, Supplements and Vitamins, Body Care, Face Care, Skin Care, Makeup and Beauty, Epoch Mask Products and sooo much more!!”

How to support this small business

To support Leanna, her family and her small business, click here to join the MELT Beauty by Leanna Facebook group and learn more about what Leanna and her business has to offer.

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